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How to maximize your home’s resale potential

Selling your home requires a cool head and an eye to detail for those features that can be quickly and cost-effectively improved. Your home can appeal to a wide variety of buyers just by following some tried and tested preparatory steps. Many homeowners ignore how their personal choices get in the way of attracting buyers, so put sentimentality to one side and work on presenting both the exterior and interior in a way that appeals to buyers straight away. First impressions count and it’s all about a good quality finish and a look that new owners can instantly visualize and make their dream.

As soon as buyers pull into your driveway, your home needs to be giving all the right first impressions. Don’t let anything spoil those vital first minutes of your viewing, starting with the view from the curb. Trim the grass and shrubs; choose some flowers to add color, or containers and boxes that make a feature. Freshen up the exterior paintwork, especially the front door and make everything clear and welcoming. For an older house, salvage items are great for creating authenticity and interest, while costing far less than new replacements.

Once inside, buyers need to visualize living in your house without making initial costly changes. Declutter from top to bottom and present a clean, spacious and organized appearance in every room. Now is the time to get rid of old furniture and junk or, if necessary, store some of your things elsewhere.

Kitchens and bathrooms are key features in attracting buyers. They need to look like new and function perfectly, but this does not necessarily mean you need to completely replace what you have. Minor updating may be sufficient, but be sure that all fittings are immaculate. Replace leaking faucets, cracked basins or damaged cupboard doors, whatever is required to refresh your look and let buyers know that everything is the best it can be.

Consider which types of redecoration will give your home the edge over other properties. Opt for a neutral color scheme throughout and add high quality features, like solid wooden shutters, which can enhance the value of your home and add comfort and elegance. As with kitchens and bathrooms, plan upgrades carefully to maximize the effect while limiting your budget.

Older properties can drift away from their original design and appearance over time and it can be a great selling point to bring them back to the original, whether in terms of color scheme or features such as a porch or doors. Buyers are also very mindful of how they can get maximum advantage from the outdoor space these days, so high quality, low maintenance garden landscaping, including decking and patios are important.

By sticking with these tried and tested principles, your home can attract just the kind of buyer you need. Restoring and updating wisely will ensure you maximize its value and that what you spend on creating that vital first impression is everything you need but no more.


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