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Brand New Home and Plantation Shutters on the Windows

We picked the flooring we wanted. It was a nice oak. We decided that we wanted stone part way up on the outside of the house, and we would use siding to match what most of the other neighbors had. We did not want the house to stick out like a sore thumb, but we wanted to be unique and look good. This was our home we were building from the ground up. We picked a concrete foundation that is built off site and trucked in. The front porch was pebbles in resin. Our windows were getting Plantation Shutters installed on the inside.

We had a house we bought years ago. We saved to build this home of our dreams. This one was not going to have carpeting or draperies. Those dust and pollen magnets just had to go. We were going for quality indoor air this time. The last house even had mold. We really liked the Plantation Shutters the first time we saw them online. Then we got to see them in person. They are custom made and go on the inside. They have louvers and can swing out of the way. Read the rest of this entry →


01 2016

Choosing the best impact driver

Are you looking for a powerful impact driver to deal with the toughest of jobs? Now it’s time for you to search through the market and come to a decision which one is best to suit your needs. You can find many different brands and models currently available which means you should never take this option lightly. You can even be happy with your selection or even finally dissatisfied. Purchasing the best impact driver is a good investment; therefore you need to take your time to choose properly.

The most crucial aspect to consider in the case of selecting the best impact driver is its torsional power or torque. To simply put it, torque is the toughness and strength of your tool. You will find many construction equipment manufacturers which make them with powerful torque, such as Milwaukee, Makita, and also DeWalt .

11a2sThe next aspect you must check out is the acceleration and speed of the driver. The perfect blend is high torque with maximum speed. Acceleration and speed is determined in RPM (revolutions-per-minute). It is the measure of times your bit can twist around per minute. Find an impact driver with a higher RPM. It will help you drive those longer screws throughout the toughest of materials at a much faster rate. Certain impact driver with 2200 or higher RPM is believed to be fast.

Additionally, keep in mind to take a look at the BPM or IPM. It indicates blows-per-minute and impacts-per-minute. It is actually the highest possible level of blows or impacts on the driver transmit. It is certainly an important thing to think about in this engineering tool. The much higher the BPM/IPM the greater speed you possibly can drill holes or drive screws. One more thing to think about in an impact driver is the balance, weight, size, and also battery charge time. Such features will make a significant difference, particularly on tougher jobs.


01 2016